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We are not sharing user information to anyone, we are serving and delivering the best content or information to our users/reader/customers/visitors. We are not selling any products, services. We are only providing market study about related search queries with lowest price available in market.

We have developed this website using CMS (WordPress).

For Tracking user log activities we are using Analytics Tool (Google Analytics), which may use cookies to store user geo location and demographics info.

Few features of Web frameworks (Django, Google Web Toolkit), Programming Languages (PHP, Python, Java), Web servers with Reverse proxies (Nginx), Advertising Tool (Google Adsense), are also used to develop this website.

For better User Experience on Mobile/ Tablet/ Desktop/other devices with Search Query and content delivery we have used Tag managers (Google Tag Manager).

To know about user queries we have used a Live chat tool (Tawk.to) on this website, so that if our chat representative/ support executive can fulfill user’s queries.

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